When handing off the announcement you’ve created to your clients, let them know that Everdays is a free notification app that’s a part of your basic services. And if you haven’t received them yet, we’ll be sending you some printed materials, including a handout to share with your families. You can also get a downloadable handout here.

Getting your client families started on Everdays is simple. Here’s one way our funeral home partners are explaining and handing off Everdays to their client families: 

“I’ve just created a memorial announcement on Everdays for [decedent.] Everdays is a service that we provide free of charge for our families, and it’s designed to help you notify your community about your loss. Everdays saves you from having to make multiple phone calls or send lots of emails and texts during this difficult time.

If you want, you can also invite other people to become a manager for the announcement. In fact, we recommend this, because managers can see who you’ve invited and invite anyone you’re missing so that everyone who needs to be at the funeral can be there. Let’s say that you’ve got an aunt who knows a different side of the family than you do. You should definitely invite her so she can notify those people. We’ve found that at least three managers is a good number to make sure you’re reaching everyone in [decendent’s] network .

As I said, it’s all set up for you to use. All you have to do is click on the link I sent to you through your email or you may have seen come through your text messages. Getting started is easy. Once you download the app, which again is free, they walk you through everything. 

If you need, I can help you manage your Everdays, or you can email the Everdays team at the address listed on the handout. They’re very quick to respond and ready to assist you with anything.”

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