Everdays is a free and invaluable service for your clients that helps them notify family and friends when a loved one passes away. As the only digital network dedicated to the funeral space, Everdays promotes your home not only to your clients’ network of family and friends, but also to a growing community of users who interact with the Everdays platform itself. 

Everdays drives traffic to your website, increases event attendance, broadens brand awareness, and gives you data and control over announcements at your funeral home. Here’s how you can take advantage of all of the benefits of Everdays:

  1. Add past cases to your Everdays account. Retroactively adding cases to your Everdays account is simple — plus it encourages potential clients to follow your home. Think of it like this: Just as a coffee shop adds change to an empty tip jar to entice customers to do the same, so too will you gain more followers if people see that others have used your services. 
  2. Publish every case. Funeral homes are experiencing a difference to their business just by publishing every case, and that’s because the best time to market your funeral home is when families are in need. Everdays guarantees the maximum exposure both to your client’s network and to the broader database of users.
  3. Add at least three messengers. Messengers can see who’s been invited to an announcement and can add anyone who may have been missed. Our data shows that the more messengers you add the better your event attendance and the higher your website traffic.
  4. Create continuous engagement. Showcasing meaningful memories of a departed loved one has never been easier with our Stories feature. Families can add photos, videos, and other content and invite others to do the same. It only takes a few people to engage an entire community, and you can post on behalf of a family to get the ball rolling.
  5. Use Everdays data. Everdays gives you access to comprehensive data for every announcement. Easily see who’s viewed your home’s information, monitor web traffic, and manage app users through your Partner Dashboard. With this data, you can make informed decisions that help you meet your business goals.
  6. Add the decedent’s phone number as a messenger. Everdays gives you the ability to add a decedent’s phone number so you can easily send announcement to all of the decedent’s contacts. Many times families leave off the people closest to a decedent simply because they don’t know them personally. Plus, Everdays will market your home and the funeral to everyone within our database who has that number in their contacts. 

For more on getting the most from Everdays, check out our blog. We regularly update it with best practices and expert advice.

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