Let them know that the Everdays memorial Announcement is a part of your services to help them reach everyone they need. 

Provide the client family brochure, available from Everdays at no cost, to help introduce your families to the Announcement.
Order brochures by contacting support@everdays.com or completing the form linked here.

A printable pdf handout is also available for immediate download here.

How to introduce the Everdays memorial Announcement to families

“As a part of our services, each family member will receive a text from our funeral home with a link to a memorial Announcement for your loved one to help you reach everyone you need.

Click the link. It will prompt you to get the free Everdays app and it will help you do the rest to set up an account so you can share the Announcement with all of your important contacts all at the same time. And keep you community of support updated as details come together.

Who else would like to be added as a family member so they can share with their contacts and receive private condolences?”

Introducing Everdays Video
Play this helpful introduction to the Everdays memorial Announcement for your client families.

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