Celebrating a loved one’s birthday can be a meaningful way to continue your bond with the person you've lost. Taking the time to honor and remember this special day can help to nourish your relationship and connection with your loved one.

Have a celebration 

Whether it's quiet get together, a festive gathering, or a large party, do what you feel is right to honor your loved one's birthday. Bake a cake, play their favorite band or artist, tell stories, or dance. 

Enjoy a favorite meal

Food is a delicious and memorable way to commemorate a loved one. Order their number one dish from a special restaurant, or enjoy their go-to meal from a regular takeout spot. If you enjoy cooking, prepare your loved one’s favorite homemade meal.

Visit their final resting place

Say a few words, bring flowers, or simply spend time in this place to remember your loved one. 

Volunteer or donate to an organization 

Is there a favorite organization, charity, or cause that your loved one was passionate about? Volunteer, make a donation, or hold a fundraiser, toy drive or food drive in their honor. 

Plant a tree, bush or flowers

Enhance an outdoor space by planting a tree, bush, or flowers in memory of your loved one. Include a memorial plaque or add a unique stone or decoration as a special tribute.

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate the birthday of a loved one who has passed away. Any acknowledgement, whether large or small, is a wonderful recognition of your loved one's impact on your life.

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