Immediately following the loss of a loved one can be a very overwhelming time.  While coping with the loss, there are also many details to be planned and communicated.  Sharing the news personally with those closest to you is important, but how can you best reach your extended family, friends and larger community of support?  

Phone Call 

Unless you are in the same location and can speak in person, a phone call is likely the most personal way to reach out to your loved ones. You may wish to call or send a text message to family and very close friends to inform them about the passing prior to announcing more publicly. 

Everdays Announcement 

Your Everdays Announcement gives you a way to share the news with your community of support quickly and easily. After downloading the free Everdays app, you can share the Announcement through an individual text message to as many of your phone contacts as you'd like, all at the same time. Text messaging the Announcement allows you to share the information directly with the individuals in your network that you truly wish to reach. Your Announcement can include a personal family message, events, photos, and the obituary, so your family and friends can be informed and stay updated about service details. The Announcement gives you a dedicated space to memorialize your loved one, and is also a way for your community to share private condolences and favorite memories. You may also share the Announcement to social media or via email if you wish. 

Newspaper Obituary

This is the most traditional method used to announce a passing. Common information will include the announcement of the death, service and event times, milestone events in the decedent's life, and sometimes more. Prices for the newspaper obituary range significantly based on your location and the size of newspaper, and can be quite costly. The newspaper obituary is no longer a reliable and effective way to ensure your entire community of support is notified about the passing in a timely manner. The time of print is dependent on the newspaper's distribution schedule (not all papers run daily), and less people are reading the newspaper so many may miss the announcement here.  

Social Media  

Benefits to posting the news on social media include quickly sharing information out to your networks that are using those channels. Possible drawbacks include missing those who are not using social media, or who don't see the post. Others may choose not to post to social media if it doesn't feel appropriate for them; the announcement is alongside everything else that exists in social media which can include all types of content (silly cat videos, political views, etc). Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to post to social media involves using your judgement on what is best for you and your family. 


Email is another option you may use to share the news. In order to achieve this, you will need the individual email addresses of each person you'd like to notify. If you don't have this information, it can be simpler to send the Everdays Announcement out to your contacts through text message and email (if an email address is included) in the Everdays app.

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