Funeral homes provide a variety of support, which can include visitation and viewing services, memorial services, pre-planning services, and much more. The most important service a funeral home provides is creating a gathering space for families and friends to lend support to each other. Everyone grieves in their own way, however it is widely known that having a strong support system is key.  The funeral home staff is dedicated to helping the family and friends of the deceased person to begin healing after a loss; a pivotal step in the healing process.

Funeral Gatherings Play Multiple Roles

A funeral gathering centered around the loss of a loved one is an opportunity to address the loss and strengthen relationships. This is where important conversations about the loss can take place. The funeral gathering plays a dual role and serves both the living and the deceased.

Rather than avoiding the pain associated with grief (which it can be very easy and natural to do), the funeral gathering is a first step towards healing with the support of family and friends.  The lack of a funeral gathering may unintentionally cause discomfort. The inability to address the loss in this socially acceptable space means that the family will be faced with talking about the death at times and places that they can’t control — at work, school, or even the grocery store. Or worse, because of the uncomfortable nature of addressing death outside of a formal gathering, some might avoid the topic or the grieving person all together in attempt to spare their feelings. This could make the individual feel isolated at a time they most need connection, or unintentionally create a divide in relationships.

Deepen Connections With People

Funeral gatherings naturally create deeper connections and help the ones most affected by the loss form their emotional support team. These connections and important conversations shouldn’t end after the funeral gatherings. It is important to keep an open dialogue during inevitable times of grief, especially as the first holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries come and go without the loved one. Keep the conversation going, pick up the phone and grab a cup of coffee. Staying engaged in meaningful activities can be therapeutic and comforting for a grieving person.

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