Your attendance at the services can be important and meaningful for a family grieving the loss of their loved one. Attending the services is also beneficial and valuable for those who are a part of the family's community of support. 

1. Remember and learn about the life of the deceased

No matter how close two people were, a lot can be learned about the deceased during the services. Whether it was your uncle’s unknown charitable donations that he so humbly kept to himself or a friend's passion for music and art, it may be surprising and touching to learn about your loved one’s life. Attending the services also provides an opportunity to reflect on how this person impacted your life and the lives of others. Lastly, the services and events create a space to reflect on moments shared and memories made. 

2. The impact of support for the family 

For the grieving family, the moments following the loss can be extremely difficult. Whether the family has opted for a traditional funeral service or a memorial celebration, it is important for family and friends to provide support and to be present to honor their loved one. 

3. A safe place to grieve

It is important to acknowledge the grief and pain of others as well as to give yourself permission to mourn a loss. There can be a sense of comfort in knowing that together as a community, there is a similar experience of grief. Coming together in community with kind words and gestures provides an opportunity to offer and receive empathy and compassion.

4. Begin the healing journey  

Attending the services creates a space to connect with loved ones and to deepen and develop relationships.  Grieving together with family and friends can be therapeutic and comforting. Without this valuable dedicated time and space, many find it difficult to pause, reflect, and connect at a time it matters most.

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