It is important to lean on your community of support and to let your loved ones help you through a difficult time. There are many ways to show your appreciation for those who supported you. 

Send a thank you letter

A handwritten letter to anyone you want to personally thank is a great way to show your appreciation.
Here are some ideas for how you can begin your note: 

  • Thank you for your comforting words, your presence meant a lot…
  • We deeply appreciate your expression of sympathy...
  • Thank you for supporting me during this difficult time...

Send a text, email or direct message 

Send a quick text message, email or direct message with a simple "thank you" to let others know you appreciate their support. 

Call or find a time to get together

If it feels right to you, you can express your appreciation on the phone, or in person, during a conversation with someone who was there for you following your loss. 

Most importantly, take your time and do what feels right for you

Thank you notes or a call to express appreciation can be a good reason to reconnect with friends and family. It is also possible for these things to feel stressful or overwhelming. If they do, it is okay to delay, or forego, sending them. Remember, there are no deadlines to meet, and even if you wait a long time, it’s okay to reconnect when you feel ready. Use your own timeline to reach out to your community of support in a way that feels right for you. 

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