"Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws." – Barbara Kingsolver

There are lots of ways you can honor your mom to make this Mother's Day special. Here are a few different ideas of what you can do to remember your mom today. 

Share photos and memories

Share your favorite photos and memories of your mother with your friends and family. Ask those who knew her to share their own memories and experiences with you to spend time remembering mom on this special day. 

Visit your mother's final resting place

Holidays like Mother's Day can be difficult, and making the trip to visit your mother's final resting place can be a fulfilling and healing experience. You may consider writing your mom a letter where you can write down your thoughts to bring and share with her during your visit.

Cook your favorite meal from mom 

If your mom had a go-to dish, you may wish to invite family and friends over to enjoy the meal in memory and celebration of your mom.

Contribute to mom's favorite cause 

If your mom was an animal lover, you may wish to honor her by spending your day volunteering at a local shelter. You can also donate to one of her favorite charities in her memory. 

Plan a day your mother would love

What was your mom's favorite thing to do? If she enjoyed baking cookies for the family, going for a walk or hike, or golfing... plan the day accordingly! Whatever it may be, honor your mom by spending time doing the things she loved. 

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