As we continue through 2018, each month we see new and improved updates to Everdays. Whether it be on our partner dashboard or in our mobile apps, our development team is hard at work to make Everdays even better. We're always thinking about ways to improve the experience for our funeral home partners and our families as well. This month our product updates include launching the resource center on the partner dashboard and improving our direct messaging function.

New Resource Center

We’ve added a Resource Center, a library of helpful articles and videos to help our funeral directors achieve success. The goal of the Resource Center is to empower our directors to provide the best service to their client families. We created these tools specifically with them and families' needs in mind.

These resources include:

  • How To Create an Everdays Announcement: View how to create an Everdays Announcement using the new partner dashboard.
  • Client Family Handout: A handout directors download and give to families explaining what the Everdays Announcement is and how they use it.
  • Introducing Everdays To Your Client Families: A video to watch alongside families that illustrates how Everdays helps them reach the ones who matter most.
  • Introducing Everdays To Your Staff: A video to share with funeral home staff that shows them the benefits of using Everdays Announcements.
  • Arrangement Forms For Client Families: Used to collect information from families for easy data entry.

Direct Messaging

We launched direct messaging back in February and are always looking to improve it based on user experience. Now, family members managing an announcement can see messages left for them directly on their loved one's announcement. This improvement makes reading and responding to these condolences easier for the family.

Funeral directors can easily sign up to start using our partner dashboard and get access to our new resource center.

To see our new improvements to direct messaging, or to see how we're constantly improving the announcement, you can simply download the new version. Download Everdays from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store today.


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