It's been a busy April at Everdays, and we're happy to share with you some brand new changes to the Everdays Announcements. As you create memorials for your loved one, we've now designed the experience to be even more engaging and social. This not only allows you to capture the best memories that you spent with your loved one, but also allows your friends and family to connect better.

The New Everdays Announcement

"It's completely different from what we've had before. It’s a way nicer representation of a loved one and their life. It's also much easier for the friends or any invitee to engage with the family and the announcement itself," shared Keith Woodward, the Director of Product at Everdays.

This redesign and upgrade has been automatically made on all Everdays Announcements. You will notice a new focus on social engagement. Visitors can easily follow an announcement and choose to receive updates. This way, no one misses important new information such as event details or a new obituary.

It's easy for friends and family to find how to send private condolences through our secure and direct messaging system. As a family member who's managing the announcement, you'll get automatic updates each time there's a new condolence sent out. Anyone who is invited to view the announcement can share it, helping you reach all those who matter.

More New App Updates

You will notice a completely redesigned photo timeline on the Everdays Announcement. It keeps the memories of your loved one at the center of the announcement. As before, photos will be converted into video stories automatically once more than two photos are uploaded. Your friends can also easily share their own photos and contribute to a memorial collection that stays on forever. For Android devices, you can now rotate images in the app as well.

"My eyes are so spoiled by the new design (it's beautiful), I can not look at old announcements any more," Will Han, Art Director, Everdays

To see the new Everdays Announcement, you can simply download the new version from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

We’re constantly pushing the envelope to share products with families that can best address their needs and make lives simpler. We hope that this new redesign allows you to focus on meaningful conversations and truly what matters the most to you.

Our great team of developers and designers are working hard to push out the best possible work.

💙 Special thanks to: Keith, Gibran, Emily, Tom, Marc, Jordan, Amanda, Zach and Will

Feel free to reach out to us with feedback about our updates or with any questions.

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