Everdays has come a long way since we first launched in mid-2016 as Requiem. We’ve changed our name and our logo. We've redesigned the app based consumer feedback. We launched a dashboard for our funeral directors to create announcements for families. Funeral times are emotional and difficult. The support of family and friends is critical. In trying to build this comforting sense of familiarity, Everdays has now built a new way to send and receive condolences in a single place.

Introducing Direct Messaging: Keep It All Together At Funeral Times

This month, we’re launching messaging functionality on Everdays. Messaging allows friends and family to send notes of condolences to family members privately and securely.  These messages are just shared privately between the two people involved.

There are multiple scenarios in which you may be using the message feature in Everdays.

Responding to an Announcement on Facebook

You saw a post on Facebook, clicked the link, and saw the web version of a memorial announcement. On this page you can send a condolence to the family members. If you don't already have an account on Everdays, you will be asked to create one to send your message. You would choose who you're sending your message to, type it, and send it. The recipient will receive a text message and email notifying them of a new comment. If the recipient wants to respond, s/he will need to download the app, if they have not done so already.

You view an announcement via a text

You viewed an announcement on Everdays via a text message. If you click on the link and you don't have the app, you will follow the same route in scenario 1. If you do have the app, you will be able to send a message directly in the app

You received a message of condolence from someone

Someone you either invited to view the funeral announcement or anyone who saw the link you posted can send you a message. If you do not have the app, you will receive a text message alerting you that you received a new message. You will need to download the app to respond. If you already have the app, you will receive a push notification alerting you that a new message was received.

This new functionality is a tool we've built to help people reach the ones who matter most and help us expand on our mission. We aim to make the end of life more approachable and accessible to all people. You shouldn't have to go through ten different communication platforms to find a message that can be housed at one common place. We hope that this is your signal in the noise and you're able to find comfort in hearing from people who care, in times that are inherently difficult.

Let us know your thoughts and feedback at support@everdays.com 


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