Creating an Announcement for your loved one using Everdays is a quick and simple process with the Everdays app. If you have not already downloaded the Everdays app, you can do so HERE (iOS) or HERE (Android).

Follow the steps below to create a beautiful Announcement to share with family and friends.

Once you have created your Announcement, you can edit and personalize it.  Find helpful tools on how to personalize the Announcement HERE

Once you have finished your Announcement, you are ready to share it.  Find helpful tools on how to share the Announcement HERE.

To begin creating an Announcement, tap on the Create an Announcement button on the My Everdays homepage. Once you have done so, you will be prompted with this screen. Tap Get Started.

Adding a Name

Add the first and last name of your loved one that has passed away.  While not required, you may wish to also add a middle name or nickname.  Press next when you are ready.

Adding date of birth and date of death

Enter your loved one's birth date and death date. These fields are optional and can be skipped. You may return to edit this information at a later time. 

Decedent Relationship

Select your relationship to your loved one. This can help people viewing your announcement know who you are in relation to your loved one. Please note that you are selecting YOUR relationship to the decedent. For example, if your grandparent has died, you would input grandson/granddaughter. If you accidentally mislabel your relationship to the decedent, please contact an Everdays team member and these changes can be made for you.

Adding a Funeral Home

Your next screen will ask if you have selected a funeral home for your loved one.  If you have not selected a funeral home, select not yet.  If you have, tap yes and you will be able to input your funeral home, funeral director and their email address. If you do not have this information at this time, you can skip this step for now.  

Adding Photos

Add photos of your loved one that become part of the memorial within the Announcement. We recommend adding at least one photo, but this is also an optional step and can be completed later. If you are not adding a photo at this time, you will be prompted to select a temporary image from Everdays.

Adding Family Members

Add additional family members. Anyone designated as a family member will be able to assist with editing the Announcement.  They will also be able to add family members of their own. Please ensure that all information is correct before adding a family member.

Adding Events

You can now enter any events/services planned. Adding events will ensure that people who view your Announcement will not miss your services. You are able to add the event name, location, date, and start/end times. By adding a location, people viewing the Announcement can be shown directions to your events. A date is required for any event. Just as with all previous sections, this is optional and can be added later.

Family Message/Update

The final step of your announcement is to personalize the greeting that visitors to your Announcement will see. This message will be shown with your name. We have included several templates that you can use to start.

Enabling Notifications

Lastly, don’t forget to enable notifications. Enabling notifications ensures that you will not miss any comments, messages, or interactions on your Announcement. If you require any assistance with your Announcement following creation, please let us know at


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