Your funeral home may have set up an Everdays Announcement for your loved one or you or a family member may have created one. The Announcement can always be edited and personalized to make sure it is filled with helpful information as service details come together and cherished memories to honor your loved one. This article offers tips on how to add details and personalize the Announcement. If an Everdays Announcement has not been created yet, click HERE to learn how. 

To personalize the Announcement, get the Everdays app.  Click HERE (iOS) or HERE (Android) to download the app.

Getting Started

To begin customizing your Announcement, tap on the Gear icon located to the right of the Share Announcement button (located under the cover photo.) This will take you to the Announcement Details menu.

The top two sections allow you to see how many of your contacts have seen your Announcement, and how many family members have been added. To learn how to share your Announcement with your contacts, click HERE.

Decedent Info

This section will allow you to edit any information about the decedent, such as name, date of birth/date of death, etc. 


Event details can be edited, added, or removed here. Event details include the name of the event, location/funeral home, date & start/end time. Please note that date is required to add an event. As details are updated, any family/friends following the Announcement will be notified of any changes. Please notify your funeral director of any changes you make to any details connected to their services. 

Funeral Home

If you have not already added a funeral home, you can do so on this screen. Here you can also add the name of your funeral director & their email address. If you do not see your funeral home as an option, please contact

Photos & Videos

Add memories and photos. Please be sure to allow Everdays permission to access your photos. Select the photos you would like to upload and press Done. Once a photo has been uploaded, you can crop/rotate/delete these photos from this screen. You can also select a photo to be the cover photo seen by anyone visiting the Announcement.

Family Members 

If you have not added additional family members, you can do so from this screen. A valid US phone number is required to add someone as a family member on an Announcement. Anyone you add will receive a message prompting them to visit and edit the Announcement.  Individuals listed as family members can add additional family members, edit the Announcement, and receive personal condolences.


If your funeral director has not added an obituary, or you have created your own Announcement and have not yet added an obituary, you can do so here.


You are able to add a link to any causes/charities that you would like visitors to donate to. You are also able to put a brief message before all donations added. 

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