1. Your funeral home has an increased presence on the Announcement 

By featuring the details of your home directly above the events and services! This gives your home earlier exposure and access to your home when they visit the Announcement.

2. Interact with the communities built by your Everdays Announcements

Whether it’s an invitation to the home’s annual candle lighting ceremony to remember each person who has passed that year, or a greeting to family members served closeby to give them an opportunity to learn more about the home’s services, we understand that our partners would like to connect with the communities created through Everdays Announcements. We look forward to providing these opportunities to you in the future. For now, your home can include the following details so when these features become available, you have the information you need to send the right messages to the right audiences.

Select Age Range: Choose the approximate age range of each family member as you add them to the Announcement. This field is not required.  

Indicate if Nearby: Select the location of the family member as "nearby" (local to the area) or "visitor" (out of town) as you add them to the Announcement. This field is required, but if you don’t know or wish not to include these details, you can select “unsure”.   

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