The anniversary of a loved one’s death can be an extremely difficult time and often means revisiting the pain of the loss. A slight shift in mindset on this day can create an opportunity to remember and celebrate the life of your loved one. A day of remembrance and celebration is a tangible way to keep memories alive and honor your loved one.

Bring photos and videos to life

Revisit old videos and photos. Although this may be difficult, taking a journey down memory lane can bring cherished memories back into focus. Pictures and videos are often attached to stories that make us laugh and smile.  

Gather with loved ones 

Set aside time to connect with family and friends to remember your loved one. You can share favorite memories, have a special memorial celebration, look at old photos, or plan to do something else to remember together. Connecting with others to share memories and spend time together can be a helpful and supportive way to spend the Anniversary date.

Remember your loved one in an active way 

What did your loved one enjoy? Maybe it was listening to music, baking, going for a walk, or visiting a special park or beach. Or perhaps there is a favorite restaurant or activity you share fond memories of with your loved one. Plan a picnic in a loved park, make time for a trip to a favorite beach for the sunset, bake their famous homemade cookies, or play their best-loved tunes. Spending time doing an activity your loved one enjoyed provides an opportunity to actively connect and reflect on cherished memories. 

Take time for yourself 

Whether it is taking a personal day from work, going on a long walk, or setting aside some time to journal, gift yourself with time and space to honor your journey and remember your loved one. Taking time to think about your own legacy can be a meaningful step forward as you reflect on what is most important to you.

Visit their final resting place 

Enjoy the quiet, say a few words, bring flowers, or simply breathe in the fresh air and reflect on cherished memories.

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