How does it work?

The  Everdays integration with Passare provides seamless automation for generating an Everdays Memorial Announcement for every family in just a few clicks, all without leaving the Passare platform. And there is no added cost to activating the integration.

  1. Create your case in Passare with basic decedent information, event details, photo, obituary and memorial donations. Include family members who want to share or contribute to the Announcement or receive condolences. 
  2. Export the case to Everdays just as you post each case to your website.
  3. Upon export, Everdays automatically generates a text message in your home’s name to each family member with a link to get started.
  4. Family members download the Everdays app and share the Announcement with their phone’s contacts.
  5. Your home is at the center of the Announcement.  Each person who receives the Announcement will see that your home cared for the family, even if they never step foot inside your doors.

How do I access the integration?

The Everdays team is happy to help you integrate Everdays with your Passare account.

Call 248-480-2444 or to get started, or reach out directly to your Everdays Customer Success Manager.

Can I see a detailed tutorial?

Yes! Click the button for a step by step review of each section of Passare, including what information can be included in the export and how to complete the sync with Everdays to create an Announcement.

What if I have more questions?

We are here to help!

Call the Everdays team at 248-480-2444 or email

Reach Passare at 1-800-692-5111 or email

Additional information may also be found in Passare's Knowledge Base.

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