Have you ever wondered why we wear black to a funeral? In other cultures, the standard color might be white, red, purple, gold or even grey. Color choice centers around religion and how a culture interprets death.  Although many funerals are still traditional, modern times bring new and unique ways of celebrating life. When picking out attire for a funeral, make sure to find out whether the service will be traditional or personalized. 

Traditional services and formal attire

Dress for a traditional service in formal attire. A dark suit, slacks, skirt, or dress is appropriate. For footwear, choose a flat shoe or a lower heel. It is often recommended to wear darker colors, and while muted color tones are generally acceptable, it is best to avoid bright colors and distracting prints. 

Personalized service attire

Some families may choose to celebrate their loved one through a personalized service. The service usually serves as a reflection of the deceased and may be themed around a passion or interest, favorite color, sports team, or an achievement. For these types of events, the family may request that you dress in accordance with the theme of the service. Be sure to check the Family Messages and Events sections on the Announcement to look for any notes or details indicating a themed service. 

Dress to support the family and respect their wishes

Whether the services are traditional or themed, it is important to respect the family's wishes about the dress code. This helps to keep the focus on what matters most during this difficult time: offering loving support to friends and family.

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