Introducing the next round of impactful features focused on further aligning the Announcement with your core business of providing value to client families.

Live 5/9/19 

Link Directly to Your Online Flower & Keepsake Store in Announcements

By adding a flower and keepsake URL into Everdays once, every Announcement created will include an engaging and dynamic flower card - putting your website in the hands of everyone touched by a loss and giving family and friends the ability to easily send flowers to their loved ones. Connect with one of our team members today to turn this on immediately, or add your URL the next time you create an Announcement.

Decedent Name Continuously on Announcement Footer

The footer for each stage of creation displays the decedent’s name, date of birth and date of death to easily identify whose Announcement is being created or updated.

Send Yourself a Confirmation Email 

Many of you like the option to receive an email confirming the Announcement was successfully completed and sent to the family. Upon completing an Announcement, you can choose to send a confirmation to the email tied to your Everdays account. 

Add Decedent's Cell Phone Number 

Add the decedent's mobile number to the decedent information section during Announcement creation. This number serves as a unique identifier if a duplicate Announcement is created by the family member. 

Deleting an Announcement Confirmation

Announcements can be deleted from the Announcement edit page. Before finalizing, you will be prompted with an alert confirming that you are sure you want to delete. The Announcement can be recovered by contacting Everdays at

Filtering Reports

Additional report filters have been added to the reports tab. Now you can easily sort by the last 30 days and 2 months.

Live 5/13/19

Control the Family Condolences Section

One of our most requested features, you can now select specifically which family members are displayed in the “Family Condolences” section of the Announcement. The option to hide particular family members gives you the ability to include more people that are not considered immediate family, therefore allowing them to help the family edit and update the Announcement.

Live 5/16/19

Director Care™

Receive timely, personal, and automated reminders to check in on client families weeks after services have concluded, just before the decedent’s birthday, and on the anniversary of their loved one’s passing. These notifications support your ability to follow-up with the family in a meaningful way. You’ll also receive notice when your home receives a new Google or Everdays review, when Announcements build large communities, and when team members hit Announcement milestones.

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