Sign into your Everdays Professional account and go to the Announcement Tab.
Select the announcement you want to edit and click into the announcement to begin the editing process.
Don’t see the announcement you wish to edit? Use our search function at the top to find it. 

Edit each desired section, selecting Save when complete. Changes will be reflected in real time.

What can a client family edit in the announcement?
Once you add family members to the announcement and they download the Everdays app, they can continue to manage and make changes to the announcement. These changes include the ability to add a family message, update and change donation information, choose which contacts will receive the announcement, add additional family members, and update event details. If you select to lock the obituary, changes cannot be made to it.

Sending updates when the Announcement is edited

Events and services may have to be updated or changed. Additionally, you may later wish to add a donation, add an obituary or make a change to the announcement. 

To send a notification to your client family and anyone who your client family sent the announcement to via text/email, check the box stating Send update notifications when editing your announcement.

This will help the family keep everyone updated as details come together.

Updating/Removing Family Members tied to an Announcement
Family members can be removed as long as one family member remains on an announcement. This can be completed from the family member section of the Announcement edit page. 

Deleting the Announcement
The Announcement can be deleted from your Everdays account. The family will no longer be able to view it. It can be recovered by contacting

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