Choosing how you want loved ones to say goodbye and getting your plans in place may seem difficult, but Everdays makes it simple and straightforward – for you and your family.

First, select your package & choose a funeral home provider

Start with an estimate or our questionnaire, compare packages, or talk to our care team. We’ve got lots of ways for you to find the right package and provider.

Then, choose your plan and purchase your package

We offer 2 different plans to meet your estate and financial planning needs: you can purchase your package outright or buy insurance with low monthly payments. Once you confirm your arrangement package, funeral provider and plan, you’ll purchase your package online.

Everyone gets the details they need

The funeral home you’ve chosen automatically receives all the paperwork, and it’s easy to digitally share your verified package purchase with whoever you’d like. You’ll also receive a copy of your approved paperwork in the mail for your records.

Then you’re done, and everything is set!

You get to live with peace of mind knowing everything is saved for you and your family just a tap away, and that loved ones will have what they’ll need to say goodbye.

The funeral home will guide your family

Beginning the moment the funeral home is notified of your passing, funeral professionals will support and guide your family and fulfill the services you’ve chosen for them.

Our care team is here to help you and your family every step of the way, whatever you need.

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