Life insurance is a valuable option for many families, however many people don’t realize that life insurance proceeds are often not immediately distributed to families and sometimes can take months or years to gain access to those funds due to probate. When this occurs, families are forced to pay for the funeral themselves, and unfortunately many don’t have those funds available when they need them.

When you make and purchase your arrangements in advance, those funds are immediately made available to the funeral home of your choosing. This saves your family from having to pay any expenses out of pocket, and frees them from the stress of having to handle any of the finances for your services – it’s already been taken care of for them.

Additionally, life insurance doesn’t make your final wishes known to your loved ones, and leaves them with the difficulty of selecting a funeral provider and making difficult decisions and difficult arrangements during a time of grief.

What’s important to understand is that you can have life insurance and purchase your funeral in advance.

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