Everdays is available via an integration with SRS Procession 9.0. If you are not on Version 9.0 or desire the integration, please contact SRS to request the upgrade.

The process to create an announcement is simple. The following items are important to fill out in SRS to ensure a successful announcement:

  1. Add the first and last name, birth date, and death date in +RECORD.
  2. Add the name, mobile phone number, and email (if applicable) for any/all family members who want to share the announcement, receive private condolences, and upload cherished memories - one of the family members must be marked as the informant (this person is not required to receive the announcement via the export).
  3. Add the name and corresponding information for any requested contributions in CLIENT > CONTRIBUTIONS/ACTIVITIES.
  4. Add the type, date, start and end time (if applicable), location, and any special notes in SERVICES.
  6. Browse for a picture in SUMMARY.
  7. Click Upload to Everdays in EXPORT > Everdays.

Once completed, family members you selected will receive a text and email (if applicable) to download the app.

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