Everdays is a free and invaluable service for your client families to help them notify family and friends when a loved one passes away. As the only digital network dedicated to the funeral space, Everdays promotes your home not only to your clients’ network of family and friends, but also to a growing community of users who interact with the Everdays platform itself. 

Everdays drives increases event attendance, broadens brand awareness, and gives you data and control over announcements at your funeral home. Here’s how you can take advantage of all of the benefits of Everdays:

  1. Add Everdays to your checklist so it's introduced at every meeting. Many homes have a checklist to ensure all important topics are discussed. Include Everdays on that checklist.
  2. Add Everdays materials to folders provided to your client families. Include Everdays' free promotional material in folders provided to your client families to take home and review. Contact Everdays when you need replacements.
  3. Keep Everdays arrangement forms in the arrangement room. Utilize Everdays arrangement forms to notate family members who wants to share the sad news, receive condolences, and add cherished memories to the announcement.
  4. Introduce Everdays during the arrangement meeting. Share the Introducing Everdays video and explain the benefits that Everdays' free service offers for them.
  5. Create an announcement for every decedent. Take the assumptive approach - "We're going to share information on our website and we're going to build an announcement for you to share via your phone, email, and social media."
  6. Download the Everdays app. Share it with your client family during the arrangement meeting so that they can see the benefits the app provides.
  7. Don't prejudge as to whether a family member has a smartphone or is tech savvy. 70% of adults 65+ own a smartphone. In addition, even though the person in the room may not own a smartphone, it is guaranteed that a family member (or multiple family members) own one. 
  8. Stress the importance of the Share feature. The power of Everdays comes in easily sharing the difficult news with friends and family. When sharing the app with your client family, highlight how to share the announcement with their phone contacts and/or social media.
  9. Share the benefits of private messages. Inform client families that they can receive private, secure condolences by sharing the announcement with friends and family. All messages are kept just a click away, forever.
  10. Explain valuable features such as the calendar sync and mapping capabilities. Help your client family recognize that those viewing the announcement can easily add events to their calendar and map the route to the specific event.
  11. Highlight the value of photos and videos. Permanently memorialize a loved one by uploading photos. Once four photos are uploaded, a video will automatically be created including photos added to the announcement. 
  12. Request a list of family members to share the news. The more the better. Each person added has a different set of contacts within their phone to share the sad news. Remember that a smartphone is required to download the app.
  13. Everdays is equally important for those not in the room. Ask for the names of others not in the room who want to share the news, receive condolences, or add cherished memories to the announcement.
  14. Remind client families that they only need to click the Everdays link to get started. For those who are older, help them download the app while you're with them.
  15. Follow your own home in the app. Stay informed of any announcements added by others at your funeral home and at other locations.
  16. Encourage local clergy to follow your home in the app. For religious institutions that you frequently work with, ask them to download the app and follow your home(s) so that they may be informed of the passing of someone in the community.
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