When handing off the announcement you’ve created to your clients, let them know that Everdays is a free notification app that’s a part of your basic services. If you haven’t received marketing materials yet, please reach out to your Partner Success Manager or email partners@everdays.com. For now, you may print out this handout to provide to your client families.

Getting your client families started on Everdays is simple. Here is an example of how one organization introduces Everdays: 

“Mr. Smith, today families are spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars to have an obituary published in the paper, only to have it seen or read by a few of the important people they were needing to notify.  We have a solution to this growing problem, that ensures that the people most important to you and your family are notified of Mrs. Smith’s death.  It is called Everdays and it is 100% more effective than any other means of communicating there has been a loss – and it costs your family nothing.  If you would turn to the television here, I am going to show you a brief video that explains how the program works and then we can get started building Mrs. Smith’s custom Everdays announcement.” - Mat Forastiere, The Signature Group

Here is an example of how to explain the handoff of Everdays to your client family: 

“I will create an announcement on Everdays for [decedent.] 

What I need from you is a list of family members besides you who will help share the news of [decedent's] passing. These family members will also be able to receive private condolences and upload cherished memories via the app.

All you have to do is click on the link I send to you via text. Getting started is easy. Once you download the app, which again is free, Everdays walks you through everything. 

If you need assistance, I can help you manage your announcement or you may contact the Everdays team at the email address or phone number listed on the handout. They’re very quick to respond and ready to assist you with anything.”

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