Use this email to introduce Everdays to your colleagues:

Hi {NAME},

Great news! We’re extending a new announcement service to our client families that’s completely free for them. Make sure to review the following information in detail. 

Everdays is a free and powerful application that makes broadcasting a funeral announcement easier and more effective. That means you can now assist families in ensuring they reach everyone they need sooner than they would with traditional methods.

For our client families, the goal is to reduce their stress and allow them to reach more people about their sad news in a much more efficient manner. When used effectively, our client families are surrounded by all of their friends and family.

For our home, the app pushes more people to our website and we see higher foot traffic as a result of more people being reached. By doing this, we strengthen our brand awareness so that when someone needs funeral services, they think of us first.

We will be participating in a 30-minute web-based training with Everdays on {INSERT DATE}. Please let me know if you can join.

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